I grew out of you 

Over and over and over 

I know we never 

Expect friends

To leave our lives like lovers 

But I just began to change

While you stayed the same

Bit by bit I changed

And continued to change 

Over and over and over 

I merely outgrew you 

Like a kid outgrows their 

Favorite Barney T-shirt 

Or their love of boy bands 

And moves on to something different 

Growing in and out 

Over and over and over 

Children find some other thing

more suited for ones their age 

More suited for this place in life 

Like ninja turtles 

Or some other disaster of a show 

That they make their parents watch 

Over and over and over 

The same way

We planned our lives together 

The best of friends we'd be 

We planned

To write it like a show 

This sitcom of our lives 

We would go back after 

Reminiscing on those re-runs 

Over and over and over 

Never seeing that 

Syndicated or not, 

These episodes were simply 

The same old story 

This show, no longer fun

Or worth watching 

This new me, seeing this broadcast 

For what it really was

More of a drama, a thriller,

A horror story played 

Over and over and over 

You, my royal liege

And me, your loyal pledge

Doing the deeds

You'd not prefer

While you sit on a throne 

I built 

The same vile episode 

Pushing at my self worth 

Leaving me bleeding 

Over and over and over 

The t-shirt of our

Once relationship 

Began to fray, and 

Wouldn't fit one day 

Though I would try 

To put it back on

Over and over and over 

It's not to say 

There's anything wrong 

With that sitcom 

I mean Jerry, George, and Elaine 

Met Kramer each week 

In that same old coffee shop 

In that same old apartment 

Over and over and over 

In this life 

We are all a little frayed

All changed 

Over and over and over 

That's to say

Maybe there's nothing 

Inherently wrong 

With that same old T-shirt 

It just doesn't fit me anymore

That exact shirt,

Maybe perfect, 

For someone else

But no matter what I try 

It just won't go over my head

No matter how I try

You just don't fit me anymore 

And it's just

Over and over and over