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About Me

Michie Smash

Blogger. Rugby Player. Teacher. Fat Babe. Inter-sectional Feminist. Body Positive. Athlete. Traveler. Runner. Writer. Reader. Adventurer. Lover.

My formal name is Michelle Lynn Williamson, but I have been called “Michie” since the 9th grade and “Michie Smash” once I joined the Albany Knickerbockers, my Rugby Club and family. I think ‘smash’ is a really great way to describe myself because I am not one that does anything lightly.

I want to change the world with my bare bear hands and I certainly will not do that LIGHTLY!

This blog is something I had wanted to start for a long time and I am glad it has come to fruition. I am an avid reader and writer. I look forward to sharing both of these via this platform.

Since I was young, I have been an athlete and yet still a yo-yo dieter. A naturally heavy child, the only thing that kept me in sports was the sheer fact that I had developed pretty great hand eye coordination as a child. This was mostly from having balls pitched at me by my dad and brother, who have crafted me into an athlete since my small, chubby fingers could hold a bat. My brother and I would wrangle up groups to play pick-up games constantly, breaking windows sporadically. We would play home run derbies or one-on-one basketball. Sports are in the Williamson blood, you see. My dad taught me some of the most valuable lessons about life through sports. He was a born athlete and coach himself who mostly spoke in sport’s analogies when teaching lessons.

My parents were not together from when I was young so while my dad was training me to be the next Ice Box, my mom was training my poetic heart. I am blessed to share a mom that has become a friend and confidant. We are more than very alike and fight for the same things. We have traveled the world with my brother, family, and great friends, creating memories that have crafted so much of my worldview. She deals with my rather erratic nature and quickly gets online to edit every piece I write with a moment’s notice. Most of the commas you see were her addition and if there are no words spelled incorrectly, that is her too.

As with blended families, I was also blessed with an additional step-mom and 3 wonderful step-siblings. We Brady Bunched around on vacations and were quite the site at restaurants. My step-mom is as Italian as they come and sharp as a whip. She has taught me so much about the world and my dad usually assumes when I ask for her first on the phone that I had some kind of question. That is often true and more often true, she has the answer.

Both my moms have that magic power where I can say I need anything and BOOM! they have it. They literally go in a Mary Poppins closet instead of purse, and they have it. Moms are magic– and man, I am lucky to have had them both.

This blog will be used to share the things I think about and write about freely. This includes a lot of talks of rugby, food, running, inter sectional feminism, sexuality, teaching, nutrition and fitness, yo yo dieting trials and reflections, as well as all those little things in my head that I am so desperate to find others to connect to.

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