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True S*** My Parents Taught Me

This is a quick piece to get me back on my writing flow! I have been reminiscing a lot on my childhood and all the lessons my parents taught me. Some I missed the first hundred times, but now they have become what I teach my students. – You’re better than no one, but no…

Please Remember Me

Please remember me How do you want to be remembered? This is a piece about memory. Memory is a fickle thing. In fact, memory is so skewed in time, that there are statutes of limitations for how long you can try someone in court, given the witnesses’ memories would have faded past being able to…

Over and Over and Over

This is a poem I wrote about growing apart. In this life, we don’t expect to lose our friends like lovers, but sometimes that is the case.

100 Solo Dates: The Movie

100 Solo Dates– Here it is!  Finally, this culminating project has come to fruition. Instead of my original idea of a handheld book, this video includes the big ideas and learnings from my 100 solo dates, along with footage of some of the places and things I got to see and do. I am blessed…


In the first part of this piece, I talk about masks we wear as teachers, focusing solely on the individual. In this piece, I discuss masks we wear as a whole staff, and how these not only affect our relationships, but also the environment as a whole.


This is part 1 in a 2 part series about the masks we wear as educators and other adults alike, for the children in our care. What is appropriate to show and what do we hide? In this piece, I explore some of these ideas.


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