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Solo Date 3: Bike ride in Albany, NY– 8/2015

*Italics are then and this is now August 2015 One of my big goals was to appreciate the places I lived and have lived more. It seems we take those places for granted.  Location: Albany’s Lincoln Park/ Capital Buildings Activity: Biking Learning: There are beautiful places everywhere if you just start to look.  For this […]

Love and the Grudge

This is a piece about friendship, forgiveness, and grudges. It is a truly personal piece on something I have had issues with for my entire 30 years. I am sure everyone has struggled with this at some point. This is one piece I have had trouble with sharing because it shines a bad light on […]

Running Woman

This is the story of the running woman from my hometown and how she’s inspired me in my newfound love of running.

Portioning not torturing

Today, I have found myself at my goal weight! This is a piece talking about how I worked with my nutrition coach to get myself back on track. I discuss the similarities and differences in the methods I used before and now.

Friend me if you don’t agree

This is a piece where I discuss the notion of whether to keep people in your news feed who don’t agree with your stance on the current issues of racism in our country. I discuss the idea of keeping conversations open versus shutting down this communication.

Use Your Teacher Voice #blacklivesmatter

Use Your Teacher Voice is a note to fellow white people about using your voice to speak about injustices plaguing the black community right now and what you can do to be a part of the change.

Date 1 Christman Sanctuary

For those just joining the now continued Solo date journey, almost 6 years ago I started a journey of self love founded in the fact that I struggled to spend time alone. I was so used to being with a lot of people all of the time, it was hard for me to even shop […]


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