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In the first part of this piece, I talk about masks we wear as teachers, focusing solely on the individual. In this piece, I discuss masks we wear as a whole staff, and how these not only affect our relationships, but also the environment as a whole.


This is part 1 in a 2 part series about the masks we wear as educators and other adults alike, for the children in our care. What is appropriate to show and what do we hide? In this piece, I explore some of these ideas.

Sport Short 3: The Selfish Dive at the Try Line

This is a sport short about a failed dive to score a try, made in a college rugby match years ago. I compare things I learned in that game versus learning in my most recent match as an Albany Knickerbocker this weekend.

Why I Play Rugby

This week my rugby coach, Lori “The Ripper” Staples, asked us to answer 2 questions about rugby. Here is my shared response about why I play rugby and what it feels like to play.


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