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Sport Short 2: The Second Annexation of Puerto Rico– UAWRFC Rugby Legends

This is the second short in a series I am writing about those flash moments you get in sports that NEVER leave you. Athletes know that these moments are not and CANNOT be planned. In the decades of sports, I still have these plays, these visions, and these games I can see like it was happening in the present. The second of many is this true tale of two rugby women in their prime completing the best play that college rugby has ever seen, a trick play inspired by a classic movie, The Little Giants. 

Why I Play Rugby

This week my rugby coach, Lori “The Ripper” Staples, asked us to answer 2 questions about rugby. Here is my shared response about why I play rugby and what it feels like to play.

Start Over if You Must- Smash’s Summer Running Progress Report 2021

As a special educator, I write progress reports for students quarterly checking in with them about their progress. This system ensures that the students know where they are when it comes to their goals and also know what they need to do to accomplish that goal. In this piece, I have given myself a running progress report for this summer hoping to check in and figure out where I am with my running goal and also what I need to do to get back on track. As teachers, we often know what to do to help our students progress and yet, don’t always for ourselves. In this way, I am using something that has worked with my students, for myself, in this case- the struggling learner.

The Quarantine 50 Yo Yo

This is a piece about how I lost and now gained 50 pounds, a year apart, since this quarantine. I talk about the whys, hows, and ways I plan to make my body healthy again– while loving it right now for what it can do in the present.

Insider’s Guide on Loving Someone that Doesn’t Love You

Written Saturday October 10th during Andrea Gibson’s workshop called Write Your Heart In. This was a poetry prompt asking us to choose something we knew very well. We were prompted to take that thing we know well and make it into an insider’s guide. Here is my Insider’s Guide on Loving Someone that Doesn’t Love […]

Sport Short 1: Unassisted Triple Play 

This is my first sport short, my way of reliving some of my best sports memories and talking about what it taught me.

In this piece, I talk about wins and losses in this life and how we must be a champion of each.

I give the story of a win, my unassisted triple play, supported by the coaching of my father. I go on to talk about grief and the loss of my step brother.

In this life, we have big wins and sometimes even larger losses, we must find a way to survive and make the best of this life putting good into the world when we can.

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