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Michie Smashing Thoughts

You’ll Never Find Someone Like Me

I always thought it odd when people leave a breakup exclaiming ‘you will never find someone like me,’ as if this rhetoric would change anyone’s mind. If someone chose not to be with you, why would they want someone who is like you? The reason romantic relationships end is because both parties need something different. This piece is about that flawed thinking.

Crushes Crush

This is a piece about dating– specifically about dating crushes versus dating people you were already friends with. I compare the similarities and differences in the formation and continuation of said relationships.


In this piece, I talk about trying out new diets and the unintended consequence of food rot, or ruining foods for yourself by eating them too often. I have included some tips to avoid this in the new year!

Smashing 500 Miles in 2020

One year ago today, I ran my first run towards my now completed goal of 500 miles in a year! Today, as I finish my first run of this new year, I reflect on how I got here. First for a data recap:   2020 RUNNING YEAR REVIEW Solo: 500 miles  Albany Knickerbockers Run Club: 2304 […]

Snow Run Snow Fun

This is a piece about running in the snow. Sometimes you can skip it but sometimes, you absolutely HAVE TO run. Here are some tips to safely running in snowy weather.

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