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Michie Smashing Thoughts

Insider’s Guide on Loving Someone that Doesn’t Love You

Written Saturday October 10th during Andrea Gibson’s workshop called Write Your Heart In. This was a poetry prompt asking us to choose something we knew very well. We were prompted to take that thing we know well and make it into an insider’s guide. Here is my Insider’s Guide on Loving Someone that Doesn’t Love […]

Sport Short 1: Unassisted Triple Play 

This is my first sport short, my way of reliving some of my best sports memories and talking about what it taught me.

In this piece, I talk about wins and losses in this life and how we must be a champion of each.

I give the story of a win, my unassisted triple play, supported by the coaching of my father. I go on to talk about grief and the loss of my step brother.

In this life, we have big wins and sometimes even larger losses, we must find a way to survive and make the best of this life putting good into the world when we can.

A Student Profile of a Teacher Lady

This piece was inspired by a recent training I attended at my job. This training was on writing Individualized Education Plans. This is something I have done for a decade and so, I was much familiar with the content, but still found I learned a large amount. This is about the experience of being put back in the seat as a learner and the reflections I have had on myself as a lifetime learner. 

Solo Date 12: Thoughts of a Spinning Mind 

This is the 12th solo date of my 100 Solo Date Challenge originally done in 2014. On this date, I took myself for some ‘firsts’ in an attempt to regain confidence that I had started to lose. I talk about controlling my spinning mind during this time.

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