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Michie Smashing Thoughts

Date 1 Christman Sanctuary

For those just joining the now continued Solo date journey, almost 6 years ago I started a journey of self love founded in the fact that I struggled to spend time alone. I was so used to being with a lot of people all of the time, it was hard for me to even shop […]

Quarantine Dreams

I hope you are findingYour quarantine dreams In using your fine ChinaFor once this yearInstead of not at all I hope you are finding Your quarantine dreams In connecting with Your father, mother Brother, uncle And all the souls you love But never found the timeWhen you hadThe freedoms Of the normal world Before the new “Normal world”  I hope you are findingYour quarantine dreams In […]

Bi Bi Bi

Photo by Jay Zhang Photography as part of a feature on National Coming Out Day

Some would say they struggled with their sexuality, but I would prefer to say I have been on a curious quest to figure out more about my sexuality for a few decades. As all quests go, one must start at the beginning, so here is my roundabout, coming out story. Get ready to get gay…

His name was Ahmaud Arbery

Today would have been his 26th birthday.  Instead he was shot and killed by a hateful man and his son and never made it home to his family.  He was killed for no other reason than running while being black.  These men used fear, like many others, as an excuse with similar claims of an […]

Reflections of a Yo Yo Dieter from the Top

Every yo yo dieter experiences moments of pain, but also moments of pure joy when they’re at the top. Joy is when you find yourself back in the body you want. Joy for me hits around 200 lbs flat, which I just hit this week!  What does it mean for me to hit that goal? […]

100 Solo Dates: The Return of Self Love

Five years ago, I set out on a journey of self love that I called 100 Solo Dates. I took myself on 100 dates in a year, completely (or mostly) solo. This was something I would never have dreamed of doing by myself before I was 25. Before that, I was the kind of person who […]

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