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Michie Smashing Thoughts

A Student Profile of a Teacher Lady

This piece was inspired by a recent training I attended at my job. This training was on writing Individualized Education Plans. This is something I have done for a decade and so, I was much familiar with the content, but still found I learned a large amount. This is about the experience of being put back in the seat as a learner and the reflections I have had on myself as a lifetime learner. 

Solo Date 12: Thoughts of a Spinning Mind 

This is the 12th solo date of my 100 Solo Date Challenge originally done in 2014. On this date, I took myself for some ‘firsts’ in an attempt to regain confidence that I had started to lose. I talk about controlling my spinning mind during this time.

The Way You

This is a poem I wrote about my boyfriend, Shawn, know to most of the rugby world as ‘Meat Grinder.’ This is a really special poem to me because in all the times I have written about my romantic loves, I have never shared that writing with any of them. This time, not only am I sharing with him but all of you, too.

Make It a Date

This a piece about preparing to meet your goals by planning with the right people and calling it a ‘date.’ Dates are important; we don’t skip dates. Yet, we end up skipping things we want for ourselves or never planning to do them.

The Age of Friendship

This is a piece about friendship and the ever changing expectations and boundaries that come with age. I tell the story of my biggest breakup, my hometown best friend of over a decade. I then give a happy glimpse into how I have maintained my long lasting friendships.

You’ll Never Find Someone Like Me

I always thought it odd when people leave a breakup exclaiming ‘you will never find someone like me,’ as if this rhetoric would change anyone’s mind. If someone chose not to be with you, why would they want someone who is like you? The reason romantic relationships end is because both parties need something different. This piece is about that flawed thinking.

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