Everyday I'm with you
I grow just a little closer 
To the person I've always
Known I should be 

My light comes forward 
To match
All the wonderful things you 
And do 
And are 

You just ARE

You are simply
The model 
Of how I think
A person should be
In every little  
And mondo way 

How wonderful it is
To find someone who is 
Exactly what they say 

They say
Love forms slowly
And that you should 
Leave a little mystery 

The mystery to me 
Is how I feel I've known you

Your stories put me in a trance  
A deja vu moment
Where I'm not sure 
If it's even you or me

Do opposites 
Truly attract
Or is that a falsity 
Written to help
The ones who find 
A yin to their

Our differences
So small and 
Never including 
The things that matter 

The mirrored
And belief in
The sorcery 
That is love 

Believing in 
Our enchantment 
With every piece 
Of you 

I am thankful that
Such magic 
Two so naturally aligned

Whether the universe 
Had it planned
Or it be choice 
I'm just glad it's you 
You make me better