Long Distance Things

This is the first in a series for all those finding themselves living afar from their lovers. Now, my partner and I are only 2 to 2.5 hours apart depending on the day and traffic pattern. This may not sound like the worst to some, but it does limit our every day physical interactions, which sucks for me. I am a hugger, affectionate, attention hogging girlfriend. Guilty as charged!

One of my largest love languages involves the written word. As a person who expresses themselves in writing and appreciates words of affirmation, I appreciate when a partner can do the same. The notes that Shawn writes remind me of that connection we have in writing. We text a lot as well, which actually kind of lends itself to a long distance relationship. Words can be super difficult for me, whether the issue is great or small. I get especially tongue tied on topics of tough atrocities (remember I am dramatic; wearing dark brown and black together can be an atrocity to me.)


This is the ‘post box’ I have to keep all my notes and other literacy relics from and with Shawn. Sometimes this means I keep funny to do lists from when he visits. This is a little extra special way to keep these for the future.

Living away from your significant other can be difficult most obviously. Things that would be easy for a typical couple to do are impossibilities for long distance partners. Now, the one simple thing that crosses my mind the most is showing that love and care on a daily basic through those little things that make the other one smile.

My boyfriend Shawn is big on hiding notes around my place as this is something I love. Now, in this series, I will give some ways I try to remind this man I adore him on a more daily basis. This first one is a do it yourself post card, long distance thing 1.


Step 1: Pick and print some photos you love!

So the first thing you need to do is pick the photos for the post cards and get them printed. Now I wanted to pick photos of places so I could make it like a real post card.

I picked some photos of different times and places. I tried to figure out which ones could seem like a real post card. To keep some surprises, I covered some of the landscapes, but think Albany lights in December type photos. Post cards from your place! Albany, NY and Troy, NY photos are coming to you, babe. (He reads every single thing– thanks for being my biggest fan and understanding I am NOT good at surprises on either end.)

Step 2: Personalize the front- add place, date, etc.

I wrote “Wish you were here.” And then put the year, place, and town! Example shown: Wish You Were Here- Baccus in Troy, NY 2021

Step 3: Setup the postcard with a ruler and a marker.

I use a Sharpie for best lines and no streaking through and a ruler because I am a teacherlady and like things neat.
Enlarged Sample: Make it look like this! (https://www.wikihow.com/Write-a-Postcard)


Pictures are super expensive, so a tip is to look for deals.
You can get 4X6 on sale constantly at CVS or some other places I am sure.

I finally got on the ordering online train and it is super fast too.

You get a text when it’s done. You could do this whole project done in under an hour and 2 hours away means he literally might get it next day if I drop it in before work.
This is your daily reminder to check yourself in your relationships and find and nurture each other’s love languages. Thank god my boyfriend and I match on this new one– fastest keys in the west over here so I can send a MEME A MINUTE.
This is a matching postbox at Shawn’s place. I threw this on at the end because this is where the post card will end up when those flowers kick the bucket. For now, his favorite note is clipped there under our picture.
Brought these for Shawn. Note to self: The male species seem to like flowers too. Everyone should feel special and who doesn’t love the smell of roses?

Love languages are so real. I am so lucky I have found someone that mirrors and matches mine so well.

Long distance is hard. You have to work to make sure you are still doing the little things that made you find each other when you were near.

Good luck, long distance lovers. Hope this DIY is something you’ll enjoy.