My mind escapes during the day
Every day 
Glimpses of you
And in the way

In the way 
You always let me try your beer 
Giggling when I make that face 
And say "I hate it!"
One EW!
Bigger than the next

In the way 
You plan this life 
Absolutely on board 
With the neurotic way
My twisty, wild brain works 

In the way 
You let me sit on your lap 
With the Bills on
Even with your fandom 
And them sitting it out for 
And years 
And years
Never a fair weather fan
Always sticking around 
Even when things were hard 
Your loyalty shining through 
Even then

In the way 
You laugh when I comment
On every cute football player 
And how much I like their "outfits"
Telling you what a good guy
Mahomes is 
Most times 
More obsessed with
How the colors look and contrast
And the players' lives 
Than what's happening on the field 

In the way
You turn off the lights 
And usher me to bed 
Movie half watched 
Brain half asleep 
Questioning you about the ending
And if they all survived 
Or made it there
Or fell in love 
Realizing you paused
Right after my eyes closed 

In the way 
You show me new things
And insist
Ever so lightly 
That I try
Never pushing too hard
Knowing I only do things 
When I'm ready 
Of my own accord 
And babe, 
I still think 
Meditation is weird
But I would want me quiet too 

In the way
You remind me to sprint 
Even though I hate it 
Just as obsessed
With my goals as me 
All the "Nice job, babe"s
After every single mile 
That 500 
Just as important 
to you 

In the way 
And listen 
With your big head
Full of brains

In the way you 
Tell me "it doesn't work like that"
And I assure you it does 
Average hats
Not made for that many neurons 
My smart man 

In the way you 
Read every word I write 
And work hard on editing 
Like we work for the Times 
And my deadline is coming 
You calling me 
"The fastest keys in the west"
My smirk never far behind 

In the way
You tell me about the world 
About your world
And how you plan to fit me in it
And make it 

In all the ways 
You are you 
And let me be me