So as I said yesterday in my journal, school right now is taking up more of my time than it normally does. If you want to skip my fat chronicles, you can skip right to “Sunday Get Back Food Prep

Anyway, again school is taking up more of my time so, that said, my diet in the last two weeks has included, but is not limited to:

  • Chef Boyardee products, Oh God, if you have known me for any time, you know I have a sick love of the chef since high school when I would even eat it cold- no lie. I can remember getting it in pre-school in those tiny little microwavable containers and always thinking it was too tiny, even then. 
  • Wendy’s- Holy Crap! They have a pretzel bun. Talk about weird cycles of life (I loved them at Dunkin Donuts during my solo dates, which I am writing about.) I wish I didn’t know this, but also Frostees exist, so I was bound to find out.
  • Chipotle Burrito- one sitting, second dinner after. 
  • Macaroni and cheese- 4 different brands, also did you know that Cheetos makes mac and cheese variations, BECAUSE THEY DO. Come back to read the rest when you return from the store. 
  • Oreos, carrot cake, double stuffed, original [traditionalist, always have the original at home] 
  • 3 MILLION CHIPS, mostly my favorite Voodoo chips by Zapps
  • An uncountable amount of M&Ms, so many variations
  • And Cheese Its. Original- don’t get me started again on those crappy other cheese it flavors 
  • Whoopie pies

Sunday Get Back Food Prep

[approx. 2 hours] 

Today I decided to get back into Sunday food prep which has always saved my nutrition and helped me get back good habits. 


Today I’m sharing my Sunday get back routine: 

First I prepped all my running meals– this is not included in the 2 hours

These are what I look forward to. These are rewards. I made the rewards first!!

  • Froze myself large portioned meat and pasta dishes for my long runs (5+) and small portions for my shorter runs. I add veggies to these and that’s what I get. 
  • I start with these because it is the easiest to make and I can get a lot made at once. The meat, cheese, pasta is everything I need after a run or workout.

Second Make all the veggies

  • Make veggie sides, make dinner size veggies, all the veggie sizes.

The key is to just make everything at once so none of the fresh veggies get wasted while you’re not used to eating veggies. HELLO!! I will not reach for raw veggies. I have been eating full boxes of carrots cake Oreos. Boxes. Anyway… 

I just make everything in olive oil so I can keep making one tray then throwing the next into the same mixed bowl. Throw some on the oven to simmer and trays in oven. Easy. Less cleaning too. I am trash at dishes right now. Godamn! I’m one person.

Pro-tip: I do the dishes as the stuff cooks if I can!

Also if you’re like me and you somehow trash the rest of your apartment, too, as if you do have kids [but you don’t] use all the cooking time in between to do some cleaning.

Hey! Do squats in the kitchen while you’re at it. Do squats in front of the laundry machine. Have fun with it. 

Okay, maybe my fun is weird but I love to use my time wisely and also I get impatient with veggies but they’re so much better give time. They taste better a little burn-y. Amiright?


         For breakfast I made egg cups- super easy and quick to grab. Eggs plus apple chicken sausage and cheddar cheese. I throw them in the oven while the rest is going. Again, use your time wisely- use the oven while you have the burners going. Work shorter not longer, just like smarter not harder.

        I also tried to make some muffins with almond milk, but they came kind of gross textured. I probably will use them when I need something hearty after a workout or a more desperate morning when I wake up really hungry. Just a little dry, not garbage. I also am pretty good about eating what I make even if it is not perfect, but that’s me, the anti-picky eater. Michie likes it, well enough to eat it.

For the meat eaters 

  • Chicken sausage/ meatballs 

Chicken sausage and chicken meatballs are literally my life when I am busy. I throw them into all those veggies sides as dinners. So easy. Again this the first Sunday back for me. Easy stuff. I have to make the most of what I can even handle which is probably about 2 hours max. I am not even going to show these because I honestly grab them and throw them right in for lunches and dinners the morning of. I just random flavors and freeze the whole container.


Just like live on Tupperware. Seriously. Put everything in portions. Grab all the things quickly. Busy lady, you still need good- but fast- food. This is how I stop eating McDonald’s when I get in that habit again. You know what I love about a goddamn big mac? It comes in a box I can eat out of and comes quickly! I can do that with my own Tupperware. Also again without Tupperware and portioned packs, I can eat 200 m&ms. I buy these little tiny snack sizes. 

Things I don’t freeze (well all of) 


Oh I just love cheese. I cut up cheese for the week and put it in things or just bring an apple with it. Easy. This week I bought sliced and sliced some mozzarella to throw in to a cucumber and tomato salad. 

Cheese is part of the only things I don’t freeze. I freeze everything I can. Meal-wise the only things I don’t freeze are things I know I will eat quickly or things with raw veggies in it.

I will eat one of these mozz, tomato, cucumber salads a day so I only prepare enough for a week.

With freezing, I even freeze cheese if I can’t eat it quickly. I just won’t freeze it with the tomatoes and cucumbers. The mozzarella was actually frozen from when it was buy one get one a few weeks ago. 


Okay not the best but I cut them in half and pack spinach salads on the side. Again easy, not that bad with the half portion. And also I’m happy. I love sandwiches. I do. Throwing myself into a salad right now won’t work and I will throw them in the trash but knowing a sandwich is in there motivates me to open that salad. It’s like my home Panera half and half order. 

Portioning not Torturing 

So I mix all of these up between breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The proportioned Tupperware kind of does the work of portioning if you try to stick to one of each type of food per meal. For example, one portioned pasta and a veggie would work for a meal. A salad and sandwich plus an apple/ cheese portion for snack works for a day at work for me. Just work with one or two servings of anything for any meal to start and honestly that should be good enough of a change to feel better. 

So that’s it. 2 hours. Best I can do for first day back. 

Thanks to keeping it easy and tin foil plus cupcake cups, this is most of the Dishes 


  • Also for those wondering,:
    • I did the shopping for this in a half hour including check out. I go around the outside of the store and then go to sporadic aisles for recipes. All about a list- and I am all about quick. I hate shopping for anything MORE THAN ANYTHING. Key is to keep it outside, keep it to the fresh stuff.
    • Weight check in: I was 185 at my low for this cycle of training/ life. Right now I weighed in at max around 197. Yesterday, I weighed in at 193. I feel better already eating healthier for a day. My weight wasn’t of concern, but my stomach had definitely started to feel gross, so I needed to reassess my nutrition again.

Summary of getting back into your nutrition routine:

–Keep it easy

–Do the best you can

**You cannot just back into perfection nutrition habits immediately!**