This is a quick piece to get me back on my writing flow! I have been reminiscing a lot on my childhood and all the lessons my parents taught me. Some I missed the first hundred times, but now they have become what I teach my students.

– You’re better than no one, but no one’s better than you

-It’s easy to win. Everyone is happy when they win. But I have to teach you how to lose– and you will. Even the Yankees lose.

– People will always remember when you show them kindness, even well after the details blur. The littlest things can change someone forever.

– Any team can beat any other team on any day. Don’t get cocky or it’ll be you.

– Treat every job like it’s your career and be the hardest worker in the room.

– Don’t work for free. Your time is valuable.

– Wear long white socks when you’re hiking to avoid ticks, and so you can see them if they do get on you.

– Fake friends will talk good about you to your face but talk s*** behind your back. Your real friends will talk s*** to your face, and talk good things about you behind your back

– The ref is infallible during game time. You listen to the call, and shut your mouth because you’re not changing his mind.

– You can’t fix miserable people– you can just get yourself away from them

– Respect your coach and do what they say– they’re your parent for the time being.

– Coaching is difficult, and not everyone can play at once. Someone has to ride the bench and if it’s you– you support your team and cheer them on. Pouting is for bad sports. We aren’t bad sports.

– Always shake hands with the other team and leave the game when you walk off the field. Sports are for fun, don’t forget that part.

– Don’t gamble when you need money, gamble when you don’t. Always gamble like you’ll lose, pretend you walked in and just set that money on fire.

Things I relearned from teaching US history

– The wrong allies will kill you or get you killed

– History repeats itself unless you work really hard not to let it

– Kids hear every single word out of your mouth, and repeat 90% of it as their own– speak words you want them to repeat.