The shell you've seen
What was left was mean 
What was left of me 
I thought I’d never be 

Not the person I am 
Or want to be 
I don't give a damn 
Or want you to see 

The parts no one gets to know 
The parts I try not to let show 

When you broke the wall
You unmasked it all 
I realized you could never unsee 
That putrid, wrecked version of me

Though what you couldn't unsee
Didn't pull you from me 

Instead you said 
You ‘see the things in my head’

Showed time and again that you cared 
And those visions never made you scared
Nor made you run 
Or say you're done 

You said you'll always be 
The one truly loving me 

In so many ways,
Even on the days
When I don't even like me 
I'm the happiest that we are a 'we.'