The dog I was babysitting 
Looked hungry 
But refused to eat his food
That refusal, yet hunger
Confused me
They say
Beggars shouldn’t  
Be choosers  
Spoiled dog 

I thought he must
Want something else
Something better 
So I made him an egg
Gave him part of my burger
Got him special food
Treats he liked 
Spoiled dog  

Just to find out he ate 
Any old thing
At a scheduled time
With no problem 
For all the others that 
Have ever sat him
Spoiled dog 

Now I wondered 
Why me?
Why does he act 
So differently
With me? 
Then I thought 
Here is how 
I have always spoiled 
Any creature 
I have ever cared for
I care
And I create 
Spoiled dogs  

Too much Too fast 
Giving and giving 
Precedents set
No going back to
‘Normal food’ 
Just won’t do
Not for those
Spoiled dogs 

Wanting more 
And more 
To be cared for 
With nothing
In return
Just taking 
More and more
Spoiled dogs 

A world of creatures 
Taking and taking 
Behaviors created
By allowances 
Allowing and allowing
The things we wished 
Would cease 
We create 
Spoiled dogs 

No grievances 
Nothing will change 
Without voicing
We forget 
To be careful of 
Spoiled dogs  

We forget we 
Deserve more
We forget 
That bad behavior 
Is learned 
And created
Spoiled dogs
Are raised

Behaviors that
Can be unlearned 
But to be unlearned
To be changed 
That is which 
Must be chosen 
Cannot be forced 
By merely saying
‘Bad dog’
Spoiled dogs 

For the most part, 
It won’t be chosen
No, for change
Doesn’t benefit
The dog 
When it comes 
To spoiled dogs 
Once they can get 
What they want
Without return 

Why would they 
Anything back? 
No, spoiled dogs
Just take