During this quarantine, we have to remember to still look at the important things in life, i.e. snacks. These are actual snack reviews based on the following products’ unoriginal or specialty flavors to provide you snack ideas for the quarantine. If you aren’t particularly fat minded like me, I would 0/10 not recommend reading the following piece. 

Hazelnut M&M’s ®, 10/10 would recommend, no trouble sharing

My personal mission in snacking is to find the perfect M&M; I will try almost any M&M besides the ones poisoned with the thing I hate most, peanut butter. A wise hiker lady friend of mine told me you should always have a perfect snack or favorite thing with you to get you through a difficult spot on a long hike. Upon much reflection, and I mean days worth, I came upon peanut M&M’s in my brain files. [Do not ask why I like peanuts and not peanut butter. Taste buds are not a choice.] This has been my main squeeze snack ever since.

Now, that said, it is difficult to compare but new hazelnut spread M&Ms are up there. The thin candy shell is met with the different texture of the spread with a thin chocolate layer. This creates a melting effect similar to the inside of a truffle but with a firmer crunch on the outside. Remarkable. I have had no trouble sharing these because I have a hoarded stock of them. In fact, I can’t stop buying them. The package is my favorite color blue. Dear God, somebody stop me from buying anymore M&M’s. 

Carrot Cake Oreos ®, 10/10 would recommend, small box- much trouble sharing 

Now, while M&M’s are my personal mission, my family’s interest is in the field of Oreos. Oreos are way more than the “original.” My family and I have been on a continuous quest to find the perfect Oreo, and we have found it! I present the Carrot Cake Oreo. These have been hidden in the vault for years since the world must not have been ready for such an ideal snack. The one issue with this snack is the small box, which I felt did not change the satisfaction of the snack, so I still will give a perfect score. You should however hide an extra box for yourself or you may destroy some relationships…

Now why is it so good? Well the standard form of the Oreo paired with the carrot cake creates a flavor similar to a Dunkaroo® without all the mess and dipping. Here, the work has been done for you. No matter what your normal Oreo eating style is, I would suggest biting this cookie to get the full effect. The proportions here are perfect so you want an even ratio in each bite. 

Cheez-Its ® Extra Cheesy, 0/10 would not recommend

If you are thinking of going outside the original on this one, think again. Think not. Please stop yourself. These are not Cheez-Its. Cheez-Its are salty, a little dry. Perfect. They leave a slight bit of grease, but not a film of cheese. These Cheez-It brand crackers, which is the closest I will give these to Cheez-Its, leave a complete layer of fingertip cheese comparable in feeling to Doritos®, but tasting more like Goldfish® crackers. This is NOT what I am looking for. The extra cheese truly diminishes the expected flavor of this Cheez-It wannabe. Keep the goldfish for the babies. These are trash. Would not eat them drunk. Stick with the original!

Lemon Kit Kat ® mini 9/10 would recommend, can only have about 40 before making you sick

Floored. These are absolutely amazing. When I first went to attempt this snack, I will not lie, the yellow chocolate did not look super appealing to me. After I got past the look with much coaxing from my brilliant snacking friend, the referrer, I indulged. Absolutely perfect array of flavors and textures. The light refreshing note of the lemon leaves you in heaven. The texture of the Kit Kat remains along with all other properties. Truly a wonderful spin on an already classic snack. 

I had to give them a 9 out of 10 because they made me sick, but that may be the quantity I consumed. Since I am unsure, I can’t give a true 10/10.  

*If you have any snack suggestions for future reviews, please comment and I will get to them as quickly as I can get the snacks in my face.*